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Manufacture of parts for electric power generators, with a quality system certified under ISO 9001

Service Catalog

Services for reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance, repair, repowering and modernization of such equipment.

Technical Notes

Our area of services of consultancy, registration and follow-up to project and / or orders allows us to carry a greater control and an excellent attention.

Our experience

For over thirty-five years, we have supplied high-voltage coils, both from Roebel Bar and multi-turn coil, for generator stator windings installed in hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants, as well as wedges, fillers, spacers and blocks of material Insulated, used For fastening coils and windings of both stators and rotors of smooth or protruding poles.

More than 35 years supplying the industry in Mexico and Latin America.

Infiernillo Hydroelectric Power Plant

GENERMEX designs and builds two refurbished extractors from 181 to 211 MW, positioning itself in the market for the rehabilitation of hydroelectric plants in Latin America and the Caribbean

CFE – México

Guatemalan Nickel Company

GENERMEX, in a remarkable 60-day historical record, builds and installs full winding 72 MW generator

CGN – Guatemala

Central Hidroeléctrica Aguacate

GENERMEX totally rehabilitates the Aguacate Plant, after the flood by Hurricane Noé. The generators were repowered from 53 to 60 MW

EGHID – Dominicana

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