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Is a parts manufacturer for electric power generators, certified under ISO 9001. We also provided services for reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and modernization of High Power Generators.


Our services stators include:removal of failed or exhausted windings, cleaning and repair of laminated cores, new windings assembly, testing, diagnostic status and commissioning.

Our services for rotors include: retiro de anillos de retención, ventiladores y otros elementos mecánicos, cambio de aislamiento y rehabilitación de bobinas de campo de rotores de polos lisos, reparación de polos salientes, pruebas no destructivas y reparación de flechas, entre otros servicios.


For over thirty years we have provided high-voltage coils, such as Roebel Bars and multi-turn coils, for stators’ winding for generators at hydro and thermo electric power plants, as well as wedges, fillers, spacers and blocks of insulating material used to secure coils and windings of both stators and rotors of salient or round poles .