OnAugust 13, 2018, GENERMEX was the winner of the tender calledby CFE Generación II EPS, project “Components of Electric Generatorfor Unit-1 of the C.H. TheCobano.

Thes cope includes the provision of coils and a new core for the generator. GENERMEX will design, provide and install a new statorcore, incorporating the most modern practices in design, materials and workmanship. GENERMEX willdesign, manufacture and supervise the installation of the statorcore in such a way as to ensureitsroundness and, withinreasonablelimits, the concentricitywithrespect to the rotor, avoidingvariations of excess air gap and magneticimbalance.

Meanswill be provided to preventthecollapseorundulations of thestatorlaminationsdue to thermalexpansionormagneticforce. The new statorcorewill be designed so that the maximum temperature rise does not exceed 55 degrees centigrademeasuredbythermocouplesorther mometersover anambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, while the generatorisoperating at ratedpower.

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