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Know the professional generator maintenance services we have for you.

Training Course

GENERMEX, offers a Course on Electric Power Generators, oriented towards the maintenance of these equipments. The Course is divided into Modules, each of which can be taught in one or more sessions, depending on the needs and possibilities of the interested personnel.

Modernization and Upgrading of Generators

Redesign to increase the power of existing units. As insulating materials have been developed, with better dielectric properties, it has become possible to reduce the wall thickness of the insulation.

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Electric Generators in Factory or Site

GENERMEX offers different types of maintenance according to the needs of our clients, understanding that timely maintenance prevents failures in Generators and Electric Motors, most failures in a generator or motor occur due to operating conditions or environmental conditions and they occur in a transitory process, which is when the mechanical and electrical stresses to which it is subjected are greater.

Products we manufacture

At GENERMEX, we manufacture a variety of products for the modernization, restoration and maintenance of generators. Click on any one to learn more.



About us

For more than thirty years we have offered services for the maintenance of electric generators, as well as services of restoration and modernization. We have supplied high voltage coils, Roebel Bars and multiturn coil, for stator windings of generators installed in hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, as well as wedges, fillers, spacers and blocks of insulating material, used to hold coils and windings, of stators and of flat and salient pole rotors.

About us

At GENERMEX, we value responsibility and dedication in all our services of maintenance of generators, as well as in the manufacturing of high quality generator parts.



The Mission of GENERMEX is to serve those who have the responsibility of maintaining operating in a continuous, profitable, safe and reliable way, Electric Generation Plants, satisfying their needs and expectations, providing them an excellent service, at the best price and on time required, with highly trained personnel, having a culture of quality and continuous improvement.
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To be the company with the largest presence in the electricity generation industry in Latin America and Cribe, as well as to enter the market in North America.




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