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Roebel Bars
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Using the most modern materials and manufacturing systems for the modernization and maintenance of generators, GENERMEX manufactures half coils, also called roebel bars or bars. This type of construction is characterized by having the conductors short-circuited at their ends and transposed in part or throughout their length. Each conductor is covered in layers of Dacron and fiberglass. The primary insulation is Class “F” and is constructed from layers of epoxy resin mica tape. In their straight part, the coils are covered with semiconductor tape, to avoid partial discharges to the slot. At their ends, the coils are covered with a potential grading tape, to avoid superficial discharges at the exit of the core.

Diamond Coils

GENERMEX manufactures complete coils of one or more turns, known as Diamond, with Class “F” insulation, for the modernization, restoration and maintenance of electric generators with nominal voltages up to 20 KV, processed in a unitary manner, in presses that apply heat and pressure cycles, necessary to obtain a homogeneous insulating system, with the same proportion of mica and resin in all its parts, and thus obtain the levels of partial discharges and insulation power factor, which distinguish the quality of our coils, and which allow us to comply with the specifications and tests most demanding, required by our clients.

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