Diagnosis of Generator and
Motor Windings by Visual Inspection and
Electrical Tests

Of all the techniques used to determine the condition of a rotating electrical machine, none is as revealing as a thorough visual inspection by experienced personnel. GENERMEX has extensive experience and specialized human resources to perform visual inspections on generators.

To diagnose the condition of parts and assemblies of a generator, it is necessary to complement the visual observations and the operating experiences, with results of the following electrical and mechanical tests, offered by GENERMEX.

Electrical tests

Prueba-Electrica-ELCID-scaled Prueba-Electrica-ELCID-scaled2
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarization index
  • Ohmic resistance to windings
  • Power factor and “Tip-Up” to windings
  • Partial discharges to windings
  • Impedance to rotors
  • Voltage balance to rotor poles
  • Detection of hot spots in stator laminations

The test known as “ELCID” (Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection) allows us to evaluate the state of the interlaminar insulation of the stator core. This test uses little energy and is very effective.

If necessary, it is possible to perform a test that requires high energy and is known as a toroid.

Mechanical tests

  • Perpendicularity, concentricity and circularity of couplings
  • Perpendicularity, concentricity and circularity of couplings
  • Perpendicularity, concentricity, circularity, taper, smoothness, and slip ring groove depth

Diagnostics of
Operational Condition

The test results allow us to know the state of the insulations in stator coils, rotor and core; semiconductor structures that relieve and graduate electric field stresses; winding fastening systems that prevent vibration and wear; ventilation and cooling systems; electrical connections and contacts; and the laminations of the electromagnetic cores, among other components of the generator.

With these results we can determinate if a generator is in safe and reliable operating conditions.

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