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For the analysis of the mechanical behavior of the stator winding of a turbogenerator, two different parts are considered: the sections that are inside grooves of the core and the sections that are outside said grooves.

The retaining rings are the most stressed parts in a turbo generator. When the generator is in operation, they support:

1. Forces produced
2. Distributed forces
3. Axial forces
4. Forces of your material

The isolation of new coils, from a generator stator, has the capacity to withstand an alternating electrical voltage, several times greater than the operating voltage between phases E. Once installed in the stator and as time passes, the electrical, thermal stresses , mechanics and chemistries that impose the different cycles and operating conditions, that insulation ages and its resistance to the alternating voltage decreases, until finally, at the end of its useful life, the insulation can only withstand a nearby alternating electrical voltage to the voltage between phases E.

In the UNE 20-324 standard, a general specification system is established, depending on the degree of protection, with the letters IP followed by three figures, of which only two are used in electric machines.

The function of electrical insulation is to prevent electric current from flowing through unwanted paths. Ideally, that current should flow only through the conductors, between points with different electrical potential.

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When we want to implement a program of preventive and predictive maintenance, in generators and electric motors, we are presented with a series of questions that we must answer. For example, what activities should we carry out? How often? What spare parts should we keep in stock? What is the most important part or component?

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