Stators Manufacture

As a result of a reengineering of the generator, including ventilation systems, cooling and excitement, and the use of materials and advanced manufacturing processes, Genermex offers the supply and installation of frames, cores and windings that allow lower losses, higher reliability and an Generator Upgrade, if the prime turbine and energy source is available.

Roebel Bars

Using materials and modern manufacturing systems, production Genermex half coils, also called rods or bars Roebel. This type of construction is characterized by the conductors shorted at the ends and transposed in part or in full length. Each conductor is covered with layers of fiberglass and dacron.

The main insulation is Class “F” and it is made from layers of mica tape with epoxy resin. At its straight side, the coils are coated with a semiconductor film to prevent partial discharge slot. At its ends, the coils are coated tape grader potential, to avoid surface discharges.

Multi-Turn or Diamond Coil

Genermex manufactures complete coils with one or more turns, known as Diamond,  with a  class “F” insulation for electric generators with rated voltages up to 20 KV, processed in a unified way, in presses that apply cycles of heat and pressure needed to obtain isolate a homogeneous system with the same proportion of mica and resin in all its parts, in order to get  levels of partial discharges and power factor insulation, which distinguish the quality of our material, and allow us to meet the specifications and tests required by our customers.

A quality control is applied In the manufacture of our coils.

Each coil is assigned with a  number and Electrical tests are applied to:

  • Isolation sub-conductor
  • Insulation between turns
  • Power factor of isolation and “Tip-up”
  • Partial discharge
  • High potential for one minute

Retention Rings (Bells)

GENERMEX maintains an inventory of forges covering a wide range of measures in order to be able to supply rings for any turbogenerator.

Turbine field coils are subjected to large centrifugal forces and must be well secured to avoid catastrophic failure. Its sides are housed in grooves of the rotor shaft and are fastened medianate metal wedges. Their heads are housed at the ends of the rotor shaft, separated from each other by blocks of insulation material and the assembly is held by rings. These retention rings are made from forgings of a steel alloy specified by ASTM at 289 “alloy steel forgings for non magnetic retaining rings for generators”. By its composition, this material is known as 18Cr / 18Mn steel.

Wedges, Fillers and Fitting Materials

Using fiberglass laminates, with defined shape and prestressing, we offer the manufacture of the following parts and components:

  • Wedges for stator slots of all types of Generator
  • Flanged and Corrugated Fills, insulation and semiconductors, for sides and groove bottom
  • Diverse geometry blocks used as dividers or supports

For finishing and punctual work done by our customers, we offer the following insulating materials:

  • Mica Sheets and Tapes
  • Resin and resin cords
  • Varnishes and Resins